Medium roast
Coffee beans - 100% ARABICA

Region: Pasco

Process: Washed

Profile: Rich and toasty, with nots of chocolate and prunes

Cupping notes: Fig, butterscotch, plum, vanilla, balanced cup

Content 1000 grams of roasted coffee. Keep the product in a cool and dry place.


The “Copaevin” committee of ecological agricultural producers was formed in the Pasco region on the 14th of February 1997.

Peru enjoyed coffee relatively early – mid 1700’s – though it was not cultivated for commercial exports until the 20th century due to the increased demand in Europe and the significant reduction in coffee cultivation in Indonesia. The British presence and influence the country has contributed to the increase of production and exports. In the early decades of the 1900s the British government took ownership of approximately 2 million hectares from the Peruvian government as the settlement of a loan which was provided and a large area of the land became British – known as the coffee plantations.