About Us


Luno began from a Dream

For us, balance and aroma were the key that unlocked the magic and our ultimate dream was to offer that to people. LUNO provides a revitalizing sensation and has the unique ability to lift the soul, making every moment better, stronger and brighter.


Always fresh!

Our need to satisfy all who appreciate the allure hidden in the flavour, through carefully selecting the best coffee blends that nature has to offer; aligned with the tradition and experience of espresso, masterfully roasting thanks to a modern approach and technical know-how.


A byword for
good coffee!

LUNO aims to become the benchmark of coffee tradition and culture, as an organisation that offers quality products and places for you to enjoy.  Thanks to that, we aim to keep evolving and develop so that our coffees are considered the best in the market.


Our love for coffee
is unmatched!

Our modern equipment, our secure storage, the LUNO team’s experience and technical knowledge, are paramount to the monitoring of global coffee fluctuation, hence striving to always choose the best products.

LUNO is produced in Cyprus in the right quantities ensuring the coffee is always fresh.


An approach with attention to detail

Our desire to share our knowledge and experience, instigated this idea. The raw materials that are carefully selected combined with excellent quality control, deems the LUNO coffee blends unique. The secret lies in the balance. Our knowledge and experience allow our product to be consistent!


Where does
it come from?

For the creation of LUNO blends, we use the highest of quality of coffees from every corner of the world. From prestigious and certified coffees from Brazil BSCA (Brazilian Specialty Coffee Association), African light-bodied, low acidity coffees with intense aromas, full-bodied Asian coffees.